A major goal of our lab is to make choanoflagellate research accessible to others. Here is a collection of resources that we have generated for anyone interested in studying choanoflagellates.

Order your own pet choanoflagellates

Order strains from the Protozoa and Algae division of

- Monosiga brevicollis (ATCC 50154)

- Monosiga brevicollis MX1, the strain sequenced for the genome project (ATCC PRA-258)

- Monosiga ovata (ATCC 50635)

- Salpingoeca rosetta (formerly known as Proterospongia sp. — ATCC 50818)

- Salpingoeca rosetta Px1, the strain sequenced for the genome project (ATCC PRA-366)

Choanoflagellate listserv

Keep up-to-date with the choanoflagellate research community by subscribing to [choano-listserv] at

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