2015 International Choanoflagellate Workshop

Learn about the most recent choanoflagellate research and techniques at the 2015 International Choanoflagellate Workshop.

Choanoflagellate listserv

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Visit the ChoanoWiki for protocols, images, movies and other information about Choanoflagellates. It is a collaborative resource maintained by the Choanoflagellate research community.

What are choanoflagellates?

ToL description of choanoflagellates

NY Times coverage of choanoflagellates

Genomic Resources

Salpingoeca rosetta genome browser

Monosiga brevicollis genome browser

  • Bacterial scaffolds from the M. brevicollis genome project (presumably from the feeder bacterium Flavobacterium sp.)

Choanobase ESTs can now be searched at TBestDB or the M. brevicollis genome browser

SMART annotations of Monosiga proteins

cDNA libraries

We are in the process of making our published cDNA libraries available here:

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

Getting started with choanoflagellates

Look here for links to formatted protocols published in the CSHLProtocols volumes on Emerging Model Organisms: CSHL

Order strains from the Protozoa and Algae division of

  • Monosiga brevicollis (ATCC 50154)
  • Monosiga brevicollis MX1, the strain sequenced for the genome project (ATCC PRA-258)
  • Monosiga ovata (ATCC 50635)
  • Salpingoeca rosetta (formerly known as Proterospongia sp. — ATCC 50818)
  • Salpingoeca rosetta Px1, the strain sequenced for the genome project (ATCC PRA-366)

Prepare culture media using this protocol.

Start your cultures using this protocol.

Maintain/passage your cultures using this protocol.

Freeze down your cultures using this protocol.