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Interested in joining the King lab?

How we do research in the King lab:

We are a collaborative and creative group of scientists with diverse backgrounds and interests, but united by our drive to reconstruct animal origins. Our expertise spans from evolution, ecology, and comparative genomics to microbiology, cell biology, and biochemistry.


  • We invite applications from talented and motivated postdoctoral candidates with relevant experience in genetics/genomics, host-microbe interactions, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, computational biology, evolution, protistology and related fields. To apply, please follow the instructions here:  Post-doc application process.

Ph.D. students


  • We invite motivated undergraduates with previous experience in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, or computational biology to apply for a position in the lab through the URAP program. A minimum commitment of 12 hours per week, spanning two semesters and a summer, is expected. When available, openings for undergraduate research positions will be posted at the URAP web site.